Entrusted Oxy Care Smart (Truly Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Battery & Car Charger) - Rs.69,750/=

  Entrusted Oxygen Concentrator with Battery Backup & Car Charger

  • Compact, Light Weight & Truly Portable with free trolley.

  • Only Oxygen Concentrator in the market which can work continuously on Car with the included car charger & fully compatible in train journey also as it can be used with a wide input voltage without stabilizer.

  • If you do not have any electrical power source or car, the included lithium ion battery backup will keep the portable oxygen concentrator live for 45 Minutes.

  • Cannot be used inside the Aircraft Cabin but can be checked in as a luggage or used only after the prior approval of the aircraft.

  • Maximum Purity of 93 +/- 3% at 1 LPM. As you increase the flow, purity will drop which is clearly mentioned in the specifications on the right.

  • User Friendly with knob for oxygen flow adjustment.

  • Display indicates accumulation time of the oxygen produced by the machine.

  • Humidifier is conveniently placed at separate housing which makes removal and refilling of water easy.

  • Best Quality Nasal Cannulas provided along with the machine.

  • Alarms like power failure & power on are provided.

  • Heavy duty compressor designed for India which tackles our voltage fluctuations without need for investment on Stabilizers.

  • ISO & CE Certified Device.

  • 2 Years Warranty.

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                 Features & Specifications:

  • Works via 3 sources: Normal Electrical Supply, Car inverter & Lithium Ion Battery Backup.
  • 5 Litres Per Minutes maximum flow rate.
  • 45 Minutes to 1 Hour battery time.
  • Inbuilt Humidifier.
  • Free Trolley Provided.
  • Flow rate: 1- 5L
  • Oxygen Purity:                             

                 93±3% (1LPM) 

                 75±3% (2LPM)                                                           

                 55±3% (3LPM)

                 45±3% (4LPM)  

                38±3% (5LPM)

  • Oxygen Pressure (Mpa): 0.03-0.07
  • Noise (dB): ≤45
  • Dimension(mm): 350*190*320 mm
  • Net Weight: 6Kg
  • Rated Power: ≤75W
  • Power Supply  - AC 220V